Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Blog Post 3 Minutes In the Making

As a Sacramento California Wedding Photographer, I have a lot to do!

I was reading online, one of my favorite blogs a page about 5 ways to get yourself to do something you've been avoiding.

I saw that the Community Manager from Flickr has moved on in her career.  She leaves behind an impressive catalog of work and talks.  I am sure she will be very successful in her future endeavors.

When people talk about managing communities in this new online world, one name is mentioned more often and with more respect than any other: Heather Champ of Flickr.

And of course I read a few pages on the Mashable site, who doesn't these days.  I thought this one, while posted more than 60 hours ago (that's gathering dust in Web 2.0 terms, right?) is still pretty interesting.  Talks about Facebook's Brand Search cache and what it means for advertisers on the platform.  I do not know about you, but Facebook has pretty much saved my business during the economic downturn.

And while we are praising Facebook, we must always include the obligatory link to a Facebook vs. Google advertising story, this one from  I am personally not sold that I could keep the necessary traffic levels for with either or alone, but the future is not clear.

I do a great deal of work from home, sorting my wedding photographs, writing software and blogging.  Besides, my laptop gets terrible battery life and I know my power supplies here are reliable.  Anyway, one of the challenges that I face there is finding a way to create a productive home office space that enables me to get work done with a minimal amount of distractions.  That story, again on is useful I thought, even if most of the entry is common sense.

Back to Facebook for a second I thought that the guy who was doing Facebook dumps and analytics was onto something really cool before sued him.  One of his pre-lawsuit works was a visual representation of how Facebook's user profiles split up across the United States.

Thanks, Miki =)  5 Ways to Avoid Doing Something You Don't Want To Do.  #1 -- Write a Blog Post. 

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