Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pictage, VPS LLC and Prior Art

In early 1996 the APS photo system was being introduced at the PMA show. Also at this show was the introduction of new digital products and talk of the then new "cyberspace".

Although the APS marketing efforts overshadowed the digital offerings (APS), many of us were more interested in the new "cyberspace" and had already invested time and money toward displaying photos on the Internet for sale.

Here is an excerpt from a book that talks about the 1996 PMA and the urgent need for all photographers to prepare to sell photography and digital-photography derived products on the Web.

There were so many people talking about web sites that at that point the idea was without a doubt in public domain, and anyone with the tools(that were available at that show), and minor skills could be selling pictures online in no time.

Prior Art
PMA international convention
Durst Dice America displays to the public its OPUS (On-Line Photo User System) for storing, selecting and production of digital images.

PMA Industry Trends Report 1995-1996
Wolf Camera and Video, Atlanta Ga, introduced the Wolf Photo Net On-Line Photo Center, allowing customers to access their pictures on the Internet.

PMA Industry Trends Report 1995-1996
Photographers around the globe chronicled cyberspace and uploaded their images to the Internet as part of "24 Hours In Cyberspace" They documented how the online digital revolution changed peoples lives.

PMA Industry Trends Report 1995-1996
Seatle Film Works, Seattle, Wash, launched a new service enabling photographers to build their own Web pages on the internet.

PMA Industry Trends Report 1995-1996

NEW YORK, July 18 /PRNewswire/

Applied Graphics Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq-NNM: AGTX), the largest provider of outsourced digital imaging and archiving management services in the country, today announced it will operate its Digital Link imaging system in a mobile unit on site in Atlanta to provide immediate scanning and handle remote transmission of Allsport photography taken at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games

As a byproduct of the scanning service, the Olympics images will be simultaneously added to the existing Allsport on-line archive of 100,000 images, which is supported on site by AGT in Los Angeles and London.

Kodak Files for patent 6017157
"Method of processing digital images and distributing visual prints produced from the digital images"
Awarded the patent 01-25-2000


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