Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nikon D3 Reviews (Wow D3 Rules!)

From Photo.Net A Nikon D3 Review

I am personally in love with the D3.  I cannot get enough of the 4000-5000 ISO with the wonderful frame rate and ergonimics of the Nikon D2Xs.

...the D3 is highly responsive. Powering it up takes a mere 120 milliseconds and its shutter lag is a short 37ms. The D3 can capture 9 frames per second with a RAW buffer around 17 frames, depending on the exact setting. Similar to the D2X/D2Xs, the D3 has a high-speed crop mode...

That high speed crop mode  turns the D3 in a DX format  camera, storing around 8MP from the middle of the sensor.  The D3 automatically enters this mode when you attach a DX lens.

The D3 is Nikon's first installment to full-35mm-frame FX-sensor DSLRs, and they chose to introduce a sports and news DSLR that has excellent low-light performance. Those were precisely the major weaknesses previously in Nikon's DSLR line up. For those who would like a DSLR optimized for sports, news, and wedding photography, the D3 is probably the top choice. Since the D3 can handle ISO 3200 easily and provides very acceptable 6400 results, it changes the approach to indoor and low-light photography. 

  • 12.1MP
  • CMOS sensor, Nikon FX format
  • DX (24x16mm) and 5:4 (30x24mm) crops.
  • 14-bit capture options
  • Multi-CAM 3500 FX AF with 15 cross type
  • 9 fps capture
  • 11 fps DX mode
  • 200 to 25600 ISO (Very Usable up to about 12000)
  • Dual Compact Flash (CF) memory card storage
  • AF fine tune Per Lens!!
  • Virtual horizon (built in electronic "bubble level")
It has live vew too but that would only be useful for me if I was shooting architecture or something.

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