Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting The Photograph Right The First Time

You really only have one time to get each photograph right, before your finger hits the shutter.

I was reading this article about "Capture" on BusinessWire.

Pro landscape photographer Tim Wolcott concurs, "My mentor, George Philips, told us to 'stop taking so many damn photos and focus on what you're doing.' So, it disturbs me when I hear a photographer return to the studio from a shoot and say, 'Let's see what I've got.' I believe you should already know what you have. You were there weren't you?"

The FAQ on my wedding photography web site might help answer your questions.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Remembered Or

Another day draws to a close, the passing of it marked by the mournful colors of the sky. 

This must have seen so many things, so many things it will never tell, for it is gone now, silenced forever.

I wonder if it will be remembered or if it, like so many others before, will simply fade away into the mists of memory.

Will we remember this day, these final moments of its time?  Will even the documentation of its last second cease to have meaning?

Loss, Fear and Sadness

These are the constants, the immovable objects, of the human condition.  Here we toil, tireless and timeless, against the essence of our own existence.

We cling so tightly to anything that gives us purpose or promise.  We are so desperate to be ...