Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Western Ireland, Mountain Top

I put up a few photographs from our 2007 trip to Ireland. Here is one of my favorites so far but I have 3300 photographs left to sort through!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Venice In November 2006

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I do love this photograph.

Urban Living in Downtown Dayton #2

I have been doing some thinking on common myths about urban living in downtown Dayton.

Myth #1: Crime Makes Downtown Living Dangerous

Crime in downtown Dayton is no worse, and in some cases better, than nearby cities such as Cincinnati. The fact of the matter is that Ohio is a highly criminal state (comparative to the national averages, regarding violent crimes) however these crime statistics (below) are not specific to downtown Dayton.

From an anecdotal standpoint:

  • I have lived in Centerville where I found a murder victim in the trunk of his car in the parking lot of my apartment.
  • I have lived in Miamisburg where my neighbor was mugged, at gun point, in the parking lot of our apartment complex. My car was broken into twice during a one year period.

Latest 2005 Crimes per 100,000 People:

Cincinnati, OHDayton, OHNational

Forcible Rape:100.2387.332.2
Aggravated Assault:321.4318340.1

Personally, I feel far safer living in downtown Dayton than I have living other places in the Miami valley. The police are courteous, quick to respond and professional -- overzealous in some cases, but on average I consider their service a step above the forces I have seen in action in Miamisburg and Centerville.

So how dangerous is downtown Dayton? A lot less dangerous than most people would have you believe.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Downtown Datyon Blogs

Some downtown Dayton-related blogs I've been reading:

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Temper Temper

Those of you who know me, or are regular visitors to my blog, probably know I have a temper. It is one of the challenges I face as a person and someday, I hope to learn to control it completely.

I have been known to lash out on this very Blog while I'm wrestling with my temper. Today was one such day. I have removed the post I wrote last night.

I will not reiterate the topic of that post and will leave you, gentle reader, to guess at what the topic was. If you did not read it you will probably never know if I was railing against my job, my other job or even my weekend job. Perhaps it was a rant pointed squarely at my friends or even my dog. It could have been a rant about my boss or a disappointing stock choice.

You'll never know.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Urban Lofts in Downtown Dayton #1

I am a resident at the Cooper Lofts in Dayton Ohio. These lofts were designed and built in the same theme are general area in Dayton as the Cannery Lofts, The Ice Lofts and the Merc Lofts.

These places are beautiful (and conveniently located) warehouse conversions in central downtown Dayton. The Ice and Cooper Lofts are conversions and extensions of existing Dayton buildings and the Merc is actually a renovation of an old DP&L power plant on Third Street.

This site, which talks about being a Young Professional Moving to the Dayton Lofts references my neighbor, Bill Pote, who is a big advocate of Dayton Living.

On forum above, you will find a few people talking about Crime in Dayton ... another topic I have Blogged about Here, Crime in Downtown as a Resident.

Some readers have reminded me, as well as shared stories of living in the Park Place Lofts as well as the Excelsior Lofts.