Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wow, Remind me not to get too much attention from Microsoft

Being a Microsoft developer is all fun and games until they start paying you personal attention.  If you ever get a personal e-mail from someone, you should probably just go get a lawyer right then and there!

From the article:

What's the best way to attract a pile of threatening lawyers' letters from Microsoft? Sell pirate copies of Windows? Write a DRM-busting program?

Londoner Jamie Cansdale has just discovered a new approach. He had the temerity to make Redmond's software better.

As a hobby, Cansdale developed an add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio. TestDriven.NET allows unit test suites to be run directly from within the Microsoft IDE. Cansdale gave away this gadget on his website, and initially received the praises of Microsoft.

Jamie Cansdale is a nice guy and his software rocks, TestDriven.Net is a critical component of good Visual Studio development.


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