Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wedding Photography Pages I Read Today

Today's random web links to wedding photography related stuff from

What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

The author favors digital wedding photography (so do I) and the site also have an interesting, if incomplete, "Wedding Time Line" article.

Decide what style of photography you would like for the big day. For example: spontaneous shots, posed shots, action shots, black and white or color, ...


LightScribe offers free "wedding kit"

While I do not normally use LightScribe capable DVDs, due to the limited availability of LightScript-capable disks of acceptable archive quality, I certainly will be taking advantage of this for my wedding photo-slide shows, like the ones included in my awesome Platinum Wedding Package!

The company also features kits themed for gifts, music and photography, instructions for how to use digital photos for the LightScribe label, and an online ...


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