Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dear Yahoo,

[Dear Yahoo,]

Thank you for the search marketing tutorial it almost looks like you're managed to implement something decent.  How?  By taking the best -- Google -- and copying as much as you could.  That's a good plan, Yahoo. 

BUT, you have a *long* way to go and if you want to win over my other advertising-related business, like enterprise Analysis services, shopping cart integration and other site support services.  You'll not only have to match Google, but exceed them to get me to switch.  Your new advertising engine is good enough for me to start using to capture more viewers.  I am still not sure that you are going to deliver the type of targeted users that I need, but we will see.

See, Google lets me advertise to local users -- my potential customers.  I do not need people in LA or Detroit to see my ad, so you may still yet be out of the running for anything more than a few percent of my marketing budgets.


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