Monday, January 08, 2007

Who is Cory Trese Photography?

See my complete Wedding Photography FAQ answered by me at

Clients planning a wedding are justly concerned that they are dealing with professional vendors for wedding services.

Are you the only photographer in this company? If I hire you, am I guaranteed that you will be the one showing up to shoot my wedding? If yes, can I get that in writing?

Answer: I guarantee that I will be your wedding photographer and my standard photographic services contract states as much.

Is the work that I am seeing all yours and only yours or is it a compilation of work from more than one photographer?

Answer: All of the work I display on my web site and in print (during the consultation) is mine and mine alone.

Can you show me 3 or more complete weddings you've done?

Answer: Yes and I will during your consultation. My web site is designed to present a certain aesthetic and color scheme and shows a very small portion of my overall commercial portfolio. In addition, your wedding photographs are not displayed in any public fashion, on my site or any other site, without your express written permission.

Do your packages include one or two photographers and is there an extra fee for a second photographer?

Answer: The packages include the services of me, Cory Trese as the primary photographer. A second photographer can be purchased as an "a la cart" option. I will discuss this with you at your consultation if you are interested.

Do you work with an assistant?

Answer: The packages do not include an assistant fee, however, I reserve the option to bring a professional assistant to help with equipment, portage, lights and other wedding day tasks.

Will you be professional in your appearance?

Answer: Always. We are professional in both demeanor and dress, and will ensure that any assistants or second photographers are as well.

See my complete Wedding Photography FAQ answered by me at

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