Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Skip Traditional Publishing -- Do it Yourself Online -- Easy, Fast & Affordable

Great story today on CNet News about easy self-publishing online using Blurp

Blurb prices range from $18.95 for a 40-page, full-color paperback and $29.95 for the same hardcover version, to $69.95 for a 440-page, full-color paperback and $79.95 for the same in hardcover. Volume discounts are available for orders of 25 and up, with custom quotes for a print order of 400 or higher. Shipping and handling charges are separate.

Blurb allows users to slurp the content from their blogs and high-resolution photo sets on Flickr and iPhoto into the software and save it in print form as a book.

Blogging and book writing have come full circle.  You can today not only land a book deal with a great blog, you can print my mediocre blog as a mediocre book!


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