Thursday, January 11, 2007

Professional Wedding Photography Prices

As some of you have noticed the prices on my wedding photography packages have changed.  I thought I would write a brief blog about what happened, what it means to me and what it might mean to you.

First, if we already have an agreement, do not worry your prices have not changed.  Second, if we have already had a consultation and you are considering my services, I will not ask you to pay the new prices.  In short, if you have already been presented with my old prices in any form I will honor them with you.

What brought me to raise my prices?  The short answer is "I have expenses."  I find myself spending more and more time with each photograph.  In fact, last week I found myself having spent about five times the expected number of hours going over a wedding.  This reflects both my ongoing quest for perfection in my work as well as the fact that my digital darkroom skills continue to grow.  However, more techniques and better photographs means longer hours -- which in turn means higher prices.

I have tried to keep the prices fair for the amount of time that I put into each project.  Since I first calculated and posted my prices the amount of time that goes into each project has grown.  I am including more options, a wider selection of equipment and more pre-event consultation. 

All of this has added up.  I need to make sure that my prices and packages are fair to both clients and myself.  I hope that the new price list can restore some of that balance.


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