Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blu-ray & HD-DVD

If the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray camps continue on their present paths, then cable and satellite providers will jump in to fill some of the HD void with better HD on demand, and I expect Blockbuster and Netflix will be looking at ways to allow HD downloads via high speed Internet.

I hope to see a simple set-top unit with a hard drive and Ethernet capability. Simply order your movies online like you do now with Netflix, and it smartly steams the titles to the box and is ready to watch in 12 hours or so.

It can only hold 3 movies at a time (or whatever you pay for it to hold) and you can keep a movie as long as you want (just like they currently offer with DVD's) then just delete it and then your queue will download the next title. No more postage costs. No more media costs. Tivo could also outfit their boxes with similar capabilities.

It would be grand!


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