Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Train -- December 10, 2006

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The train, oh the horror on this train. Purchased tickets and boarding in Rome, on the last train with "seats -- or so the ticket sales person claimed -- may have been a mistake. A flight to catch, however, drove us to this desperate situation.

Once we had found enough space to stand (and sit our packs) the real horror of the situation began to sink in. Six, maybe seven, hours on a train with 3 people for every seat. Cramped, crammed and packed in like sea rats on an outbound grain ship I stood, sweating, swearing, straining and stringing my mind along by grabbing a few passages from the book I was reading.

Even faced with the crowd in the photograph, people continued to try (and some even managed to succeed) to board our car. Departing from the third stop along our Rome-Venice ride the car had, impossibly, even more passengers than it did when we left the Roman terminal.

I did manage to have an hour long conversation with a nice older Italian gentlemen using nothing but hand gestures, laughter and little dancing/play-acting sketches. Good times!

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