Monday, December 11, 2006

Be a Nice Horse -- December 11, 2006

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And back again to the peace, rest and wide open spaces of rural Ireland.

A long day today ... one of the longest by far I think. Early morning travel from Venice to Dublin -- complete with delays, chaos, and a scheming, scamming Italian taxi driver from Venice -- left exhaustion and frustration in its wake.

Having completed the journey, gathered the luggage and driven to Trim, Ireland ... the journey was complete. Dinner in a pub and checking in to the B&B completed the day ... almost.

Trim is a small town located in County Meath, on the banks of the river Boyne. The rain had just let up and the sun was out ... I went for a walk down the banks of the Boyne and photographed some of Trim's major landmarks, the Yellow Tower, Shepard's Gate and the Trim Castle. Having shot to my hearts content, I set off down the Boyne, away from town.

After a while, I found my way to another small castle and what I suspect was the ruins of an abbey or church, as well as a roughly kept graveyard of indeterminate origin. Running in a field set behind the castle's outer wall I happened upon the four connemara ponies pictured here. They were very friendly, perhaps a little to friendly and very keen on seeing if any part of me was edible. I climbed back up the wall and took some photographs. Of course, by that point it was raining rather hard and I was at least a mile from my room. Cameras away, hood up I finished the day with a cold, dark hike in the rain along the Boyne.

Trim, Ireland is a great place. It is located about 45km. (28 miles) North-West of Dublin. The name comes from the Irish 'Baile Atha Troim', which translates as 'the town of the ford of the alder trees' and its origin dates back to the 5th. century A.D. Parts of the Mel Gibson film Braveheart were filmed here.

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