Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ancient Cameras, Modern Photograph -- December 5, 2006

Originally uploaded by digital2noise.
I did not think it would be against any type of rule, to take photographs in a photography museum. Some might disagree but I see too much irony in restricting photography in a photographer's museum to even worry about it.

So when I saw this beautiful collection of antique wooden cameras in a wonderful display I could not resist. I waited until I was alone in the room and pulled out the D200. No flash, of course, lest it damage the artifacts I took an entire series, which you can find on the photoblog.

One of my favorite Black&White images, shown here, came from that series as well. It does not have the same warm honey coloration that the original does, but it honors the detail more clearly, I think, and helps remind me of just how old the subject actual is.

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