Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wedding Photography Tips for Brides, Part 1

Help the photographer by assigning a helper during the formal portraits if possible. This family photographer's assistant should know your family (and the grooms) so that they can help quickly and efficiently keep the photographer from wasting time looking for "Uncle Sal". This person is taking some of the stress off of both you and your professional and is a great low-stress job for a family member who may be feeling left out of the day.

The photography contract can seem complex. Be certain that you have a complete understanding of the quantity and size of prints you will be purchasing, when the prints will be available, whether you get any of the proofs and when they will be ready to be viewed, and how long after the wedding you receive your photos. I have some answers to these questions in my frequently asked professional wedding photography questions.

No matter where you purchase your album, be certain that your wedding album is acid free. Acid eats away at the paper over the years and you want your photos to last for generations to come.

Most important is that if you are relaxed, being yourself, and enjoying the wedding, it will reflect in your photos.

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