Monday, June 19, 2006

Cute Babies Too

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Site Traffic

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In an attempt to increase traffic to my site (and thus, my ad revenue) I have installed around 100 photographs of good looking people enjoying themselves outside. I call this piece "McKnight Cookout."

This is not viral marketing -- it is a lame attempt at some form of humor.

Do not be alarmed.

Friday, June 16, 2006

How I Feel Today

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This is about how I feel today. Too tired to even get up to do the basic stuff like drink water. That's tired, and here we are ... still awake ... still on the phone, still trying to surf around to stay awake.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Live Coding Contest

Geeky greatness:

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Amazon Product Image Wrong -- Nikon 70-300

Eric from Dayton wrote:

I was on, getting ready to buy this lens when I noticed that the ED (not g) version was pictured. I e-mail Amazon to confirm that the ED would be shipped and not the G. They replied saying that they weren't allow to physically open any boxes to check for me. I noticed that you had purchased this lens not to long ago and I was curious when version of the lens you had received. The URL above, was this the same URL that your purchased from? Thanks for your time.
I did purchase the product linked above, and Eric is right -- the image shown is ED but the lens they'll send (and the price they'll charge) is the entry-level 70-300G AF telephoto lens.

What To Buy For Your First Apt

I saw this while I was running around the web and I am planning on moving within the next 60 days, so I could not help myself and I clicked on it. I gave it a 10 second read through and I had to laugh because some of the "must-have" items for first-time apartment I didn't have even in my third or fourth apartment. Hell I'm 24 and I only got a mattress like two years ago.