Monday, April 10, 2006

ShopCartUSA Is A Scam

ShopCartUSA Sucks

ShopCartUSA is a Scam

This place and all the other names this company goes by is nothing but a con-game.

I attempted to purchase from this company which goes by more than 35 different names. This is a NY mill designed to separate money from people. Under no circumstances will they sell you a popular item at the price they advertise on their web-site without requiring that you also purchase unwanted add-ons or un-needed warranties.

They go by more than 35 different company names and even own their rating system called ShopCartUSA. They post their own reviews for make-believe purchases to many of their company web-sites. They no longer allow any negative reviews to be posted, only their shill positive reviews that's why there are no dates on the reviews. They go by other names such as Royal Camera, A&M, Digital Liquidators and Broadway Photo.

For a complete list of their shell companies check-out ShopCartUSA. This place is a scam and should be avoided at all cost.

I challenge anyone to purchase a popular product at the low price shops listed, and actually have it arrive at your doorstep for the price advertised without upgrading. I hope resellerratings posts this review because consumers need to be made aware of these types of disreputable people and businesses.


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