Sunday, February 12, 2006

Everything Goes By in a Blur

Rauch Trucking Pan I
Originally uploaded by digital2noise.
Each year, each month, each week it feels like my life is picking up speed ... like time is flying by faster and faster with each passing day.

Things that happened an entire year ago seem like only last month. Things that happened last month seem like yesterday.

This has some advantages and some disadvantages. The only positive I can pick out from the streaked colors and blurred lines is that these things that happened longer ago that I remember are crisp and clear in my memory and I can properly charish the memories even if I cannot relive the experience right now.

Strange, however, is that some things last week are harder to remember than a night a year ago in Athens. It's strange how our memory works.

Anyway, I thought somehow the D50 pan posted with this was a good visual for my out of control life.


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