Monday, February 27, 2006

How Unpleasent

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It turns out I am still not free from the curse that was my Isuzu Trooper.

The towing company that *took* my car and *sold* it says I owe them $3K.

Strange -- I have a letter from them saying that we're even after the sale of my truck for scap. Turns out they changed their minds ... not sure if that's legal but that's for my lawyer to determine I guess.

Anyway, more distracting bullshit added to the already swirling mass of chaos that is my existance.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lack of Activity

My Blogs have been pretty silent for the past week or so. I am putting in crazy hours at the office working on this project I've been tasked to complete. It is going very well, but is consuming vast amounts of time.

In addition to my problems finding free time to work on my Blog, the e-mail posting system has been having issues and some of my posts, which I created at work via GMail, were never added to the Blog.

I have been taking pictures, although I will admin a lot less that I should (or, promised myself I would) and I just haven't had the time to add the ones I have been taking to Flickr.

It is not much, but that's the update I have. I've been working on completing an overhaul on my site, but it is not all done.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Strike At Karkland

Why is this the only map I enjoy?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Flickr and Shutterfly

I have, today, ordered a about 100 prints from Shutterfly and Flickr's Target-Yahoo partnership. Both are being mail USPS to me and include prints from wallet to 16x20" demi-posters.

I will be posting a discussion of the quality, service and general satisfaction. I will even try to return some of the photos for a refund with both companies and see what they say.

But, for now, I'm going to sleep. I cannot wait for the prints, you know how the USPS is but I wasn't going to either pay $17 or drive to Target in Cincinnati to pick up the images (for Flickr, at least.)

Other People's Flickrs

Yokohama Landmark, Japan
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I saw this awesome shot on this guy's flickr and I just had to post a blog entry about it.

I need to travel more and take my camera with me -- that's what this scene says to Cory.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I was just reading about a high-profile New York hedge fund that is interviewing attractive young women it has no intention of hiring just so the money managers can hit on them at "getting to know you" cocktail mixers.  Apparently someone leaked this information and now they're getting some bad press.  I wonder why?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Update on Liam

You may have seen an early post where I told the sad story of my cousin's mining accident.  Here is an update I pieced together from various edited e-mails.
Liam is still on a lot of morphine, but is resting and Friday's operation went well. His red cell blood count is low, so they gave him two units of blood over the weekend.
Regarding his injuries ... 
His Tibia (the little bone) 
  • does not carry a great deal of the body's weight, and exists to allow the ankle to rotate.  
  • There were enough pieces to wire together with a wire mesh.
  • The  gaps will fill in over time.
  • It will also ensure that he has ankle rotation
  • Thank goodness!
The femur (the large bone)
  • carries all the body's weight
  • Liam's was missing a large section.
  • They moved the knee cap, inserted a steel rod down through the top of the bone they had to the center of the the other available piece and screwed and plated it.
  • The doctor says that eventually it will probably be stronger than his real bone.
  • A sizable quantity of muscle and flesh is missing from the front of the shin.  The doctor said that he will have a plastic surgeon determine whether to "pull flesh and muscle from the sides and stretch it to the front", or do a skin graph from some where else.
  • We are hoping for the "stretching idea," as it will be less traumatic, won't cause another involved site, or bring up rejection issues.  
All  in all, Liam was very lucky. It could have been a lot worse. He could have damaged both legs, hip, chest, or head. He was not wearing a seat belt. He needed to do a short job, and he was in a hurry. Fortunately, the accident occurred was on dirt, not cement.  Although the doctor said there was coal dust all through the wound -- even on all the crushed bone tips that were not sticking out through the skin.  
Amazingly enough, Liam did not pass out during or after the accident, although he claims he tried very hard to do just that. He couldn't lift any part of his body, and he event started digging the dirt out from under his leg,
However, the other mine workers were there almost immediately, They are all young workers, and Liam says the first guy just started crying, and Liam had to yell at him to calm him down.  
Robert and Tam, Liam's father and mother, have had a very enlightening conversation with Dan -- educating and very helpful -- about how workman's comp. works, so Liam doesn't have to worry about all the many medical bills.
At this point he hopes to stay in his apartment with his two friends -- who are brothers who grew up in Imlay City (near where Liam is from,) and near their parents -- who are like an Aunt and Uncle for Liam. Their apartment is only 3 blocks from the hospital, and the hospital has a trauma unit -- so Liam has access to a very skilled bone surgeon.  You obviously realize that not a great number of people live in Wy, and many of them are miners -- hence the trauma unit.  
But Liam says he doesn't think he'll stay too long- too cold.
Anyway, that is the update. Liam is one lucky boy. And thank you for all the calls and support.
It will be a long and difficult healing process -- at least a year the nurses say, but eventually he will be fine.  Dan says -- and he should know -- you don't get arthritis in your long bones, only the joints.  So he may be spared that life-long chronic pain.
In some happier news -- Liam says he has some recent art pieces, and an art show was scheduled for March 6. No one is sure if that will happen now, but nice to know he is still working on the fun stuff in life. Also, he and his friend have been doing research, and formed a bike company -- the pedal kind - called "Slo Bikes."  Putting together a business plan, and working with the Small Business Associating to learn about the paper work, loans, etc.
Even if you are all doped up on morphine, it is scary to be a long way from your family when serious stuff happens. His nurses are mothering him pretty good -- probably because it is a small hospital -- and although he says he is fine, they seem to think he is pretty scared. I think the family contact is really a life saver.
Thanks again for the love and support.

Leena Looking I

Leena Looking I
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She has such expressive eyes. I got this one while she was watching me take some other pictures.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


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I love my Beagle puppy. She is so cute.

I am rather sad about her recent change in attitude, however. She is so much more somber than she was before her surgery. I really hope that this is just a phase and she'll go back to being more like she was before she got spayed. I can hope but I'm really not sure if I'll ever get Leena-the-crazy-Beagle-puppy back and that makes me a little sad.

Everything Goes By in a Blur

Rauch Trucking Pan I
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Each year, each month, each week it feels like my life is picking up speed ... like time is flying by faster and faster with each passing day.

Things that happened an entire year ago seem like only last month. Things that happened last month seem like yesterday.

This has some advantages and some disadvantages. The only positive I can pick out from the streaked colors and blurred lines is that these things that happened longer ago that I remember are crisp and clear in my memory and I can properly charish the memories even if I cannot relive the experience right now.

Strange, however, is that some things last week are harder to remember than a night a year ago in Athens. It's strange how our memory works.

Anyway, I thought somehow the D50 pan posted with this was a good visual for my out of control life.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here We Are Again

Here we are again, trapped deep within the corporate hive when all we really want to be doing is running around outside taking pictures and playing with the puppy.  Another weekend day wasted away fixing problems we didn't create in projects we don't have any stake in.  We just happen to be the one with enough dedication to drive into the office when I'm called, no matter how much I hate it.
I guess, in my own way, I can justify it to myself as a positive becauseI have been ignoring the issue that forced me here and working on another project -- one I actually enjoy -- instead.  Oh yeah, and spending twenty minutes composing another entry for my blog provides further distraction.
I went out last night for the first time in a long time.  It was an excellent time for me, seeing old friends and catching up with companions from past adventures.  I wish I had more time for outings of that sort.  I should have taken my camera along for the party ... the setting was private and neutral enough that I do not think anyone would have complained if I took photographs.  I was not sure when I left home if the setting would be hostile to my (precious) camera so it didn't come along.  Turned out that I could have got some pretty good pictures of my friends in various stages of drunkenness but it was not to be, sadly.
After a long chat with my good friend Mike, I turned in.  He had a long drive home to Springfield and I had to head out as well.  We walked out of the bar together, still laughing about Gabe and lamenting the fact that we are all able to see each other only so rarely.  After I made it home, I must say that all in all, Friday was a pretty good day.  I'm not exactly feeling great today, but I think for a Friday, yesterday was decent, if not memorable.  I even received an unexpected compliment regarding my blog for a coworker -- who knew some people actually read and enjoy this sporadic tirade from time to time?
Leena continues to recover from her trip to the vet.  I took her in again on Thursday to see the vet for a follow up and she got a few shots and some prescription puppy food that is supposed to help her upset stomach and GI track.  I felt so bad for her when she was ill and it is heart warming to see her on the road to recovery and feeling much better.  Today we were playing behind my apartment building and she had the bounce back in her step and was being very playful and frisky -- and even a little naughty, but who would be surprised by that --  She's a Beagle!

Another Sad Day

Leena In Bed I
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I'm feeling a little down today. Recent bad news from the family and general exhaustion from my day to day work schedule has left me feeling drained and empty.

Leena, my Beagle puppy, seems to be on the same wavelength as I. She is tired and sad as well and her post operation recovery has not been as smooth as I had hoped.

Everything seems to be going by in a blur ...

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Cousin Liam

My cousin Liam was involved in a mine accident this week in Wyoming. He survived and has remained conscious, but is badly injured. Please keep him in your prayers.

I've known Liam since I was a child and have many happy memories of romping around our grandmother and grandfather's house in the summer.

I know how strong he is and I have faith that he will pull through this difficult time.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fast Movers

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I finally got that set of pictures of the train.

The operator was none too pleased that I was hopping about on and around the tracks taking pictures while he approached.

Obviously, the photo does not capture it (I tried to think of ways to convey with a picture) this experience can only be described as LOUD.

This image, and the rest of the series, are included in The Fast Movers set of Flickr.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Brothers Breaking Bread

Brothers Breaking Bread I
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I went home to Athens this weekend and had a great time visiting friends and family.

I will admit that it can be strange and somehow painful to be back there, but at the same time, one cannot go too long without seeing one's relatives.