Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vacation Is Evil

Vacations evil?  Have I lost my mind?  No, I'm being honest.  By evil I mean that they sap your strength and weaken your resolve.

I took almost 10 days in a row off over the Christmas / New Years holiday and I am now suffering for my mistake.  I became, in those short days, very accustomed to sleeping until 10:00AM and staying up until after 2:00AM every night.  Now, getting up at 7:00AM and going to bed at 12:00AM seems a terrible injustice.

Sigh ... it seems to be taking an immense amount of effort to get back into my daily routine after that break.  I am both annoyed and assumed with myself ... on one hand I'm frustrated that I am letting my distraction get the better of me ... on the other hand, I cannot help but smile at myself ... it's not very often that I get out of my routine and even rarer that I allow myself a break long enough to disrupt it. 

Yet, late December last year I stopped going to work for more than a week and didn't worry about it at all while I was away.  I have yet to determine the root-cause of this phenomenon


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