Thursday, January 26, 2006

Flicker of light in a sea of darkness

Deep within the Corporate Hive the single Engineer sits, hunched over the keyboards ... illuminated only by the glow of his monitors he toils, alone and in darkness.

He is locked in a titanic struggle against a seemingly insurmountable army of defects, deadlines, deliverables and deployments. The army of darkness is at the gates and tonight only He stands guard -- tonight it is only Him whom stands in the way of chaos.

His enemies may be no more than echos from the harp of malcontent played in the mind of some wayward and forgotten user ... but they are no less insidious, no less powerful and no less hungry because of their ethereal origins.

Somewhere in the maze of tack-board cubicles, glass-walled conference rooms and florescent lights the Engineer toils to bring the Something from the Nothing and turn the Something into The Thing ... for that is Our quest, that is what drives Us.


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