Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Battlefield 2: Special Forces

I purchased and downloaded EA Game's newish offering Battlefield 2: Special Forces because I was getting a little bored with my Battlefield2 play.

I have been having more fun since the 1.12 upgrade -- the best part for me was the reduced point requirements for weapon unlocks ... I got three new weapons when they made that change (one on an account I wasn't using because he needed so many points to get the next level before the 1.12 update.)

I've been playing sniper and special forces on the recently revived account ... sniper with the upgraded rifle is a lot of fun.  The one thing that I cannot figure out how to do, however, is stay zoomed in while reloading.  Maybe you can't do that ... I mean, if you hold down fire after shooting you stay zoomed in to watch the target but half of the time you loose them while reloading.  Maybe it's not realistic to expect someone to reload with a scope on the eye.

I am pretty close to getting my next weapon unlock -- that's really why I bought Special Forces -- so my standard BF2 avatars could unlock SF weapons -- especially that new G2000 and the new special forces gun w/ a scope.  It seems like these are the new weapons of choice for most -- especially the G2000 ... the grenade launcher seems really popular and so does that flash-bang weapon ... which is actually pretty effective ... I've stolen the G2000 kit a few times and liked what I saw ... or rather, liked what my enemy didn't see.

Overall, I give the SF update 3/5 stars, mostly because of how painful it was to get installed and working on my machine.  Maybe other people didn't have any problems at all ... who knows.


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