Thursday, December 15, 2005

Last Chapter in Saga

Yesterday I wrapped up the last chapter of my role in the Phillip Trotwine murder case.  My role in this little drama has been documented as "was later found dead in the trunk of a car in West Carrollton."  The poor soul who found him, dead and in the trunk, was me.

I appeared in court (and on the news, I am told) as a prosecution witness for the trial.  I even wore a suit, which has earned me a lot of ribbing around the office, given my traditional dress is jeans and a ratty sweater.

I am, honestly, glad to be done with it.  It all started one Saturday morning in September, while I was on my way to work a long weekend shift at O'Neil, on a MOD project, if I recall correctly.  It was certainly a disturbing event in my life and I hope that I do not get to repeat it anytime soon.

The court appearance was easy (aside from the massive schedule and work disruption.)  I was amused by the fact, however, that the prosecuting attorneys felt the need to remind me (about 10 times) that "real justice" is not like "it is on TV in CSI and Law & Order."  That's funny because I always believe everything I see on TV (except about computers, where I know better.)

The attorneys did annoy me a little bit as I had to sit in the courthouse for an entire afternoon (the day before yesterday) without testifying and had to come back the next day in the morning to do it.  Most frustrating as I am already a few days behind in my work an afternoon spent reading SciFi books, while enjoyable, is not necessarily a good thing for me right now.


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