Monday, November 07, 2005

What A Morning

The Drive

Today started with a lot of nasty traffic.  I sat on 75-North for at least an hour longer than it normally takes me to get to work.  That's two nasty traffic jams in less than 12 hours, both on 75 ... one going south yesterday night and one going north this evening.

Projects Reborn

I am back to working on, and thinking about, World's Edge.  My brother is going to send me the newest updated Word documents to but into Subversion so that we can start a collaborative review and update of them.  Andrew sent me the newest set of skills over the weekend -- they look great and I'm really excited to fold them into the current rule book.  He says he is playing every Sunday now and I'm super-envious of that.  I wonder if I could get a group together here ....

Goals for World's Edge
  • Set Up Subversion Repository
  • Update World's Edge Rule Books
  • Fold in New Skills to Main Book
  • Watch Andrew Create Web-Based World's Edge
  • Create a World's Edge Blog
Projects Resurrected

I am back to working on, and thinking about, The Edge of the World, my nascent novel about the meaning of life on Earth.


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