Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What a Mood

I am in a very strange mood ... so much anger fluttering around my poor little brain. I am not even sure what set me off but sometime yesterday I just started getting more and more angry.

It got really bad last night when we got home from the beach -- I was furious and took it out on just about everyone I talked to before bed -- girls we played pool with, the bartender, some girl who was having a birthday party and a waitress at the Fox and the Hound.

Now, granted, the waitress is a bitch but none of those other people did anything but talk to me, yet, I could do nothing but rage. I would have rained down destruction on everything and anything if I could and I do not even know why.

And when I woke up today? Still the same, all day at work -- still the same. I am a cold ball of rage flying past the world in a blur


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