Monday, July 18, 2005

Non-Stop In The Mix

Drugs! Yeah!

I started taking my thermogenesis supplements again today ... as per the manufacturers recommendation I took them for 10 weeks and then stopped for two weeks -- I assume to give my liver a short break from all the extra work.

I really missed taking this supplement and I'm glad to be taking it again. My body temperature is back up around 100 again and I feel very good. As always, the first few weeks of taking it will show the most noticeable effects (feeling hot, ect) until I get used to them again.

Today's Workout! Yeah!

Today's workout (which I am now going to start posting on this blog...)

  1. 1 hour and 5 minutes running
  2. 50 push-ups
  3. 100 situps
  4. 10 shoulder presses
  5. 10 bicep curls


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