Friday, July 15, 2005

In Love With The Sun

I am in love with a woman who I cannot name. I might as well be in love with the sun.

She is beyond my reach, beyond me. In fact, I think if she loved me it would be a great travesty -- worse than my loving her and her not loving me would be her loving me. Somehow, if she were in love with me I would feel guilty for having something so far beyond what I deserve.

This may not make sense to those that read it, but to those that know her, you understand. It is not a sad thing that I love her and that she cannot love me -- it is, like the subject of this post, like loving the sun. Who can blame someone who loves something so powerful, so magical as the sun -- even when all who hear of his love know that the sun cannot return that love in any "normal" way ... the sun can only continue to do what it does -- shine down its glorious rays upon all of us.

To have her love me would be like robbing the world of her light, her radiant glory ... almost a selfish act, like someone who would try to steal the sun from us all.

I am drunk when I write this, but that is -- sadly -- this when I do some of my most honest thinking. I also use too many commas when I have been drinking, so use short pauses!


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