Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blogs of Bad People?

I just read this story on Wired Mag about this Blog created by that sex offender in Idaho that killed a family, kidnapped a little girl and was finally captured.

I must say it is very disturbing to read -- you can almost hear his slow descent back into madness. I read a number of the blog's comments as well -- many of which were posted well before his most recent violent episode, and almost all of which were personal attacks on him.

I have to wonder how many of those people realized what they were doing? Or, better question: how many of those people realize what they may have contributed to by harassing him?

I mean, the man is obviously a evil, evil creature and should probably not have been blogging his madness for all to see -- much less out in the world. He is, however, articulate and at points, obviously was very angry at himself and the rest of the world.

I just wonder what might have been, you know? What could have happened if he had been under closer supervision and treatment.


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