Friday, June 03, 2005

Winner of Worst Customer Service Award

A online printing service, "", is this year's winner for the illustrious Worst Customer Service Award.

Why were they selected for this awesome prize? It is not an easy one to win, and they went to great lengths to prove they neither care about the customer or the customer's satisfaction.

  1. Auto-response from the provided e-mail account is "We have received your email inquiry and would be happy to respond to your question. We apologize that at this time we are not able to respond to this email." Seriously! They simply send you back an e-mail that says "we would love to help, but we don't care about you." And that's all you will hear back from them!
  2. If you are silly enough to call them on the phone, they will put you on hold -- I waited for about 30 minutes to talk to a representative and was disconnected (I can only assume by their phone network.)
  3. No matter how much you e-mail them, call them or generally try to get them to help you -- they do not care.

So, in short:
  1. VistaPrint Sucks
  2. sucks
  3. VistaPrint Makes Bad Business Cards
  4. VistaPrint Will Defraud You
If you are looking for business cards, I would suggest:


At Wednesday, November 16, 2005 3:23:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck vistaprint , fuck them in there asses, I ordered custom cards that they misprinted, so i wrote an email, three emails later i was getting sick of autoresonses, so i decided to call, hell their website says 0 minutes waiting time, aka:10 minutes when u call wich is reall like 20. Then the first call i got hung up on right away. Second call, i get through 20 minutes later, they all do not speak and or comprehend english to well, after i repeted my email address 8 times she got it. then I tell them that they messed up on my print, and it was them and not me, i took 30 minutes making these cards and triple checked it to make sure that everything was ok, and in between there box that they say to put the info inbetween so it doesnt get cut off, then when i checked it after i got my misprinted cards, the image on the site was cut off, it wasnt the same image that I put my initals down for that it was ok, cause i checked it 3 times, those fuckers uploaded the cut off image on there site after I recieved my cut off cards and tried to say it was the way i uploaded it, come on, im not going to fucking order a buisness card where the m in .com is cut off. anyways after 30 minutes they agreed to fix it and ship it the fast shipping, i havent got it yet, but the lady had the nerve to tell me that this is a one time courtasy and it was your fault and if its messed up again they will not send any more.. the fucking nerve, I argured with her for another 5 minutes telling her it was their fault and then ask to speak to a manager that didnt understand english well either, she never would say it wanst my fault, she just said users make mistakes,, that dumb bitch, well looks like i will wait for my cards again to see whats wrong, my advice, avoid

At Monday, May 01, 2006 4:40:00 PM, Blogger John D said...

I can second the comment about recommending My emails are always responded to within 24 hours, most of the time they get back to me less then an hour though.

While they may be a bit more expensive than their quality is superb, and their customer service is excellent.


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