Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Strangeness Of Cory

The name "Cory" means "ravine" in Gaelic. Also, the Old Norse Kori which might mean "spring" or "low rocky hill" ... Depending on who you ask.

I only have a picture of a low rocky hill -- this one from northern Ireland, taken on my last trip.

On Another Note (Actually, My Main Point) ...

I find it strange that when I'm at my most depressed, people for some reason think I'm really happy about something. What am I talking about, you ask?

For example, the local bar I frequent (for obvious reasons) is staffed entirely by 20-something women. Normally, they do not really talk to me (aside from whomever's section I sit in.) However, today, I'm in a horrible mood (see previous posts) and I just want something to eat and a pint of Guinness. So today, everyone wants to talk to me -- "you seem happy!" and "So did you meet someone or something?" (that might actually count as flirting!)

Actually, annoyed me to no end. What is it -- when I'm actually feeling social and talkative I repel people but when I'm depressed I appear happy? I seriously do not understand.

Am I really so abnormal that the vibes I give off just confuse and frighten other humans?


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