Sunday, June 05, 2005

I am Really Ill

I am miserable. Not sure exactly why I get all available sickness all at one time, but that's what has happened. Maybe it was all the excitement this weekend or something but I'm deadly-ill today. I can't eat, or see or talk. My eyes are about swollen shut, my voice is gone and my stomach is so confused by the drugs I'm on -- for the previously mentioned symptoms -- that I can't eat.

I would post a photograph but then this blog would have to be retitled "Cory's House of Horrors" and the theme would have to change from "what's on my mind" to "what horrible creatures of darkness I photographed this week"

The worst part is that I can't be social or hang out with anyone (and I did have plans for Sunday) because I'm afraid that I will infect them. Really not cool, as the one thing that I need is some friends right now to take my mind off this shit.


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