Monday, May 30, 2005

My "workstations"

I took some photos of my computers at home and I thought I'd blog about them. Mostly homebrew systems I've built over the past few years -- one of them (the newest) is a Dell "server" I bought while it was on sale and did some upgrades. Here is the "pile" of machines:

The machines...

And of course, we have a few monitors, two perfect flat IBM 21" monitors...

Look at all those sweet wires!

And a 3rd, off-brand 17 inch we use for system monitoring programs and the XMMS display. Also, not pictured is our new Dell laptop -- also purchase on a steep discount and upgraded.

You can see the wireless access point behind the monitors in the first picture -- that exists pretty much too provide "all-over" internet access to the laptop.


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