Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another Day Goes By In A Blur

Today was a blur, I think because I had a headache. I've been reading all these books about people and the stupid evil things they do to each other. Miki was right ... knowing too much will just make your head hurt. My head does hurt.

I saw this on PostSecret and it made me laugh so hard ...
I wish I were a popular idiot instead of a lonely genius.

Maybe because I identify.

Maybe because I'm stupid and I wish I was a genius. I'd like to make everyone believe that I like to be different, but really I just have no idea how to fit in.

I am pretty certain now that the people at work really do not like me. Maybe it's that they think I'm out to get them or something but really, I just want to be happy at work again. I think that may be the root cause of all this depression is that I do not feel that productive at work these days. I mean, it's my third week and I'm yet to contribute a single line of code -- and that is what I supposed to be good at. Or so I like to tell myself.


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