Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Things were looking pretty lonely, but then I met this woman named Andrea. Lots of fun right now, I’m a little worried that she is not what she says she is, or is just looking for a short unstable relationship. Perhaps I should talk to Jason Miller, the guy from work that introduced us.

Things are weird but good. Andrea demands a lot of time, and today my workstation crashed. That really sucks, I could not get any work done today at all. I’m going to bitch at those ADL people.

Anyway, Mike A. from work is going to be stopping by soon, and I need to do some pushups. I will mark today as the first day when I am now seriously thinking about trying to see if anyone would use me as a model. I feel vain and pretentious just thinking about trying. We’ll see, it will probably evaporate.


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