Thursday, July 04, 2002

Ouch. Just nailed my back on the couch. Serious pain. My head hurts too. Probably from not enough coffee … it is like 6:30 now … seriously fucked up … the entire day evaporated. Today was the first day that I used my air conditioning.

I wonder why the unit was unplugged … anyway, it seems to be working ok … I should go look at the unit later I guess … make sure it is still on at least. I wonder how much it will cost to run it … ?

I had a few little mini SAGE demos earlier this week. Got some happy looks and excited talking … sounds like I generated some buzz. Bob Hielman seems to be really behind the stuff I am working on. My EMS stuff is going well, but right now it is vaporware, all talk and no delivery. I guess that is something I need to start focusing on, working out some of the implementation specific parts of EMS.

I have my SAGE demo now on Monday … I know it has only been three days since my last post when I bemoan the loss of SAGE to EMS … I guess things move fast in my business. And, of course, I have continued covert SAGE development. Nikki has been a really big help thus far. I need to remind myself to give her credit where ever I can, because she has been a really hard worker. No massive smashes of overtime, but in learning PERL and trying to mastering the object oriented development, she has applied herself 100%.

You would think that all this alone would spawn something great in me but no … I sit about with a headache from smoking Camels all day long with bloodshot eyes, no hope, no friends, a murky future, a youth that is wasting away …. fuck! Yesterday I was talking to myself about no fear and no doubt and all that rot … where is that confidence now, Mr. I do not have anyone? Yea? That’s what I thought you cowardly little fuck.


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