Monday, July 01, 2002

Just getting home from work on a Monday afternoon. I’m puffing, waiting for the Simpsons and thinking about the EMS proposal architecture.

I am really curious to find out how the Microsoft Programmers at O’Neil feel about the sudden influx of Open Source software … and how the sudden influx of Open Source Software will affect O’Neil in general.

I am pretty fucking disappointed that Development on SAGE has been ceased. Today was going to be my big demo presentation of SAGE, but instead I spent all day fucking around with TRD and talking to Mike about EMS. The EMS system sounds really pimp but it also interrupts my really pimp vision for SAGE, and is not an easy sell to anyone. Perhaps my radical, extreme low-cost end-to-end XML ideas will cause the proposal to be rejected. Then I can get back to SAGE.


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