Thursday, July 04, 2002

Ouch. Just nailed my back on the couch. Serious pain. My head hurts too. Probably from not enough coffee … it is like 6:30 now … seriously fucked up … the entire day evaporated. Today was the first day that I used my air conditioning.

I wonder why the unit was unplugged … anyway, it seems to be working ok … I should go look at the unit later I guess … make sure it is still on at least. I wonder how much it will cost to run it … ?

I had a few little mini SAGE demos earlier this week. Got some happy looks and excited talking … sounds like I generated some buzz. Bob Hielman seems to be really behind the stuff I am working on. My EMS stuff is going well, but right now it is vaporware, all talk and no delivery. I guess that is something I need to start focusing on, working out some of the implementation specific parts of EMS.

I have my SAGE demo now on Monday … I know it has only been three days since my last post when I bemoan the loss of SAGE to EMS … I guess things move fast in my business. And, of course, I have continued covert SAGE development. Nikki has been a really big help thus far. I need to remind myself to give her credit where ever I can, because she has been a really hard worker. No massive smashes of overtime, but in learning PERL and trying to mastering the object oriented development, she has applied herself 100%.

You would think that all this alone would spawn something great in me but no … I sit about with a headache from smoking Camels all day long with bloodshot eyes, no hope, no friends, a murky future, a youth that is wasting away …. fuck! Yesterday I was talking to myself about no fear and no doubt and all that rot … where is that confidence now, Mr. I do not have anyone? Yea? That’s what I thought you cowardly little fuck.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Just getting home from work on a Monday afternoon. I’m puffing, waiting for the Simpsons and thinking about the EMS proposal architecture.

I am really curious to find out how the Microsoft Programmers at O’Neil feel about the sudden influx of Open Source software … and how the sudden influx of Open Source Software will affect O’Neil in general.

I am pretty fucking disappointed that Development on SAGE has been ceased. Today was going to be my big demo presentation of SAGE, but instead I spent all day fucking around with TRD and talking to Mike about EMS. The EMS system sounds really pimp but it also interrupts my really pimp vision for SAGE, and is not an easy sell to anyone. Perhaps my radical, extreme low-cost end-to-end XML ideas will cause the proposal to be rejected. Then I can get back to SAGE.