Wednesday, January 09, 2002

I guess my only hope is to clean up my act and try not to worry about it. Good luck to me on that one. I missed paying my January rent … just up and forgot to pay it before I left last weekend. Now I'm faced with the task of getting $650 in cash so I can buy a money order. I called People’s Bank today to find out if my paycheck had cleared … I was really hoping that it hadn’t … but the BITCH that I got on the phone informed me that it had … so my small balance is either (a) due to fraud or (b) due to the fact that I haven’t been managing my money very well as of late … must be (b) … shouldn’t have taken Jessie out on those shopping trips … and my credit card is about at my credit limit -- no hope of getting it paid down anytime soon.

Jesus I’m in a bad place right now … I could use some help God. A little encouragement or aid would be very much appreciated!


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