Wednesday, January 02, 2002

As you could tell from the timestamp I’m at home for lunch. The move to Miamisburg is completed at O’Neil – I officially live 2 minutes from work now. The ride is so short – the drive so easy! No highways, no merging, just 4 stoplights, two of which I’ve never gotten a red light on.

It is January 2, 2002 – the deployment date for the TRD. Things are pretty stressful at work right now – Jeff is flipping out and I’m bored. I wish I had started earlier in the TRD design so I wasn’t so detached.

I think Andrew is mad at me or something – he has been a little rude to me. Maybe it’s that he thinks I’m mad at him about the O’Neil, Larry Jageman, 121 N. Lancaster saga. Either way he has been a little strange on the phone recently …

Another bad thing right now is that Mother wanted Drew to talk to me about the $250 she ‘loaned’ me for the cellphone purchase. I was hoping to use that money to pay off some of my credit card bill – but I guess I’ll be giving it back instead. DAMN.


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