Thursday, November 01, 2001

Wow, I’m back, and so soon too. Must be the lack of Internet access playing tricks on my mind. I’ve been living here, in my new home for 2 days short of 3 weeks…I’m getting pretty settled in now. Things in my other life seem so distant, but still in a way represent the reality I am holding onto.

I’m not having that much difficulty adjusting here, yet, but I haven’t had to deal with any real negative things here yet – no rejection, no loneliness (extreme loneliness that is) no real problems. I may find myself less adjusted than I am when my first crisis appears – when I have my first encounter with adversity.

Perhaps however, that first crisis is already past. On Friday (would have been the 9th of November) I received a Notice to Leave the Premises – Eviction because I bounced a check. I thought I was actually going to be forced out or something else horrible. The only thing is that it cost me one of my two ‘check strikes’ and an extra $100. Pain in the ass, added a lot of stress to Friday and Saturday which should have been great fun with everyone visiting and stuff, but it was shitty. The eviction notice, the FAILURE of Time Warner Cable to do anything correctly for my service. What fucking morons. Stupid fucking morons couldn’t even ARG.

So Jessie and Andrew visited, but we hardly got to do anything. Drew left on Saturday afternoon and spent the night in Oxford with his girlfriend. Jessie and I spent the day waiting for the no show cable guy. They tried to call my phone number but it was ‘disconnected’ because they had (somehow) my Ameritech phone number (damn.) So Jessie got very sad, but I’m going to pay for her ticket to Jamaica, so I think she’ll be ok ;)

Enough for tonight, I’ve got to go shopping.


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