Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Work is fun, I need a connection to the TCP/IP backbone. Not having any connection is hell … I’ll probably die in Diablo II once I get dialup (the 16th, only three days.) I can’t imagine how much going back to dialup is going to suck (but it’s going to be really bad.) I’m going to do some PBX scanning…maybe I should get a cellular modem?

Maybe I’ll just start reeking mad hacking havok ;) At least I’ll be able to work on open-tartarus.org from home (which will be good) and start working with Drew on C++ / game programming stuff.

I’m pretty bored, and I think (in my Palm at least) I am running out of money…bummer. None saved omg…but then I wasn’t expecting super crappy taxation by NBC. I have some money on my table (I think like $1,200) but I’m really not rolling it in enough to buy a car. I’m looking for a Supra and I might even go ahead and do it … sometimes I can be a terrible compulsive.

My typing is getting much better and my wrists don’t hurt hardly at all after a day of work. I think my keyboard tray is a big help … and today Heather got me a trackball to replace my standard Microsoft™ mouse. I love that trackball, it’s the same one I have at home.


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