Wednesday, October 31, 2001

20th Birthday

Got a job in Dayton working for O'Neil and associates last week (8 days ago today.) Lots of fun, meeting new people. City life is so lonely

I make about $1,200 per month more than I did at Specialty Books and the work is cool -- better than sbooks, and more serious too. I really miss Jessie a lot -- she might be coming up the day aftomorrowrrow
tomorrowarrow is my 20th birthday god it is weird two decades of existence about 7300 days of life, 175,200 hours, 10,512,000 minutes or 630,720,000 seconds.

That s a long time especially considering I only remember probably 5% of it. Strange how I can't recall any long series of events from my life, other than large overly general statements. This diary, if kept up, would provide something of a memory dump. It would be cool if I had a few spare TB so I could record hours upon hours of diary, but then I wouldn't ever listen to it'and neither would anyone else.


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