Monday, April 10, 2000

Well, I left kmail on when I left work (you did what??!?! Left Work!!!) anyway, that means I can’t check my mail tonight, so I don’t know if Matt has gotten back to me. What a perfect way to setup for the “great battle for reality” I’ve been planning.

How can I work all of them in though, and keep things under control? I think I may need a second GM…Matt or Christian…Matt or Christian. Not Levi, maybe Todd. Todd might be a good choice if the group is actually going to get together.

Anyway, I think I’m going to fail that test tomarrow. I’ll be all tired and worn out, and all I did to prepare was put some numbers int othe calculator, fake doing a worksheet and call it good. I quit as soon as I saw something I didn’t know (which is a bad way to study…hahahah.) I wish I had some way to motivate myself, but at least its not all the important. Perhaps if I needed a B or something in the class to get into Super Advanced Computer Power Programming Class Zap or something, but I don’t. No (or almost no, cute girls in my class) motivation to even go spelled doom or my grade in that class from day one.

I think sometime before I leave for good, I should let Mr. Meek know how I feel about Mrs. Chang. She really sucks….oh, sucks bad. I wish she hadn’t made me find math class so annoying, becauase I know I could like it if she made any sense. If only someone like Mr. Lalich would teach math. Arg! Or science. I want to be challenged by an interesting person, but no…instead I must be bored by a dull one.


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