Monday, April 10, 2000

Well, I left kmail on when I left work (you did what??!?! Left Work!!!) anyway, that means I can’t check my mail tonight, so I don’t know if Matt has gotten back to me. What a perfect way to setup for the “great battle for reality” I’ve been planning.

How can I work all of them in though, and keep things under control? I think I may need a second GM…Matt or Christian…Matt or Christian. Not Levi, maybe Todd. Todd might be a good choice if the group is actually going to get together.

Anyway, I think I’m going to fail that test tomarrow. I’ll be all tired and worn out, and all I did to prepare was put some numbers int othe calculator, fake doing a worksheet and call it good. I quit as soon as I saw something I didn’t know (which is a bad way to study…hahahah.) I wish I had some way to motivate myself, but at least its not all the important. Perhaps if I needed a B or something in the class to get into Super Advanced Computer Power Programming Class Zap or something, but I don’t. No (or almost no, cute girls in my class) motivation to even go spelled doom or my grade in that class from day one.

I think sometime before I leave for good, I should let Mr. Meek know how I feel about Mrs. Chang. She really sucks….oh, sucks bad. I wish she hadn’t made me find math class so annoying, becauase I know I could like it if she made any sense. If only someone like Mr. Lalich would teach math. Arg! Or science. I want to be challenged by an interesting person, but no…instead I must be bored by a dull one.

Sunday, April 09, 2000

I hate getting certain things from certain people. Like, you know what I mean, those sketchy people that you don’t like. Pushers, as the lingo goes ;)

Thursday, April 06, 2000


I hate being without transportation. I had to walk to school today, and that really sucked. I need to go out today and get an A-News, and I need to call about that Toyota Celica. I really hope it was the one we (Jessica and I) saw @ Krogers. That was a fine looking car, and it matched the description.

I hope the Celica wasn’t the one I scratched off of my list due to prohibitive cost. I can’t remember now though, which is too bad. Toking too much, Cory?

Tuesday, April 04, 2000

I just earned myself 2 our of school suspensions. That really sucks, but I guess that’s the only way to go about it. Not really fair to me, but I can’t afford to waste my time sitting around with Mr. Sager.

At least Unext is almost done. I should have mailed them when I moved the store over, but oh well. I’ll mail them first thing when I get to work today, and let them know when I moved it over.

I’m also extreamly pissed off. I get so mad about this bullshit. The entire school system is structured to ruin student’s motivation. If I weren’t doing something I loved everyday and being paid for it, I can’t begin to imagine the anger I would feel.

And I really don’t like that dumb girl from Miki’s campout. The one that “smokes crack” to stay “thin” and drinks “a lot” and then vomits all over the porch. Perhaps she makes me so sick because I was once like her, but at least I didn’t go out and have sex with Jeremy Valeda.

Monday, April 03, 2000

The Journal of Cory J Trese

I’m a little unsure of the future though. Change is on it’s way, just around the corner. I can smell it, feel it coming, and I know inside that I need it. The change may not be obvious, but it’s nearing. I think the first step is moving out. Then I can really have a lair for my study. I think that once I’ve got my own house, I can really start going home whenever I want. I can have place to live, not just a place to sleep. It will be the sweetest thing ever. Even when Ezra is living their.

The coolest thing will be that is allows me to go to really focus on my computer studies. I won’t have the distractions of living with my parents. The financial stuff might really suck, but we’ll have to see. I need ot work out a budget to see how my money (savings too,) set will be. If I really can’t save that much money, then I guess I’ll be going to OU for a while. They don’t have that bad of a school, really, and I kinda like this town. Then I could keep working for Specialty for four years and then land a new job as soon as I get out of school, full on my certifications, training, experience and knowledge. All will be available to me.

At least, that’s one plan… Perhaps OU isn’t the best place to go, but if I really am all that I think I can be, then what I learn at college may not stack up to what I can learn on my own, with the right focus and consideration? I mean… is Drexel really worth it? Do I want to give up the stability of living here? I mean, in the future, I will be the Ghost, the Nomad, the Invisible Network Spirit, but now, I need a place to start. I guess, though, that would give me the greatest opportunity to fuck myself over for the rest of my days. If I fucked around and failed out of school, I’d really be screwed. I think perhaps I shouldn’t try to get a minor in Philosophy, but instead just focus on Computer Engineering, and get all the weird certifications that I need to succeed later.

Sunday, April 02, 2000

First Entry In Online Journal System

This is my first entry in the journal, kept on my laptop -- provided by Specialty Books, wasn't that nice of them.